Block Puzzle - Classic Jewel

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Price : Free
Age : 3+

Game mode:
1. Classic: Simple and traditional gameplay.
2. Advanced: There are more difficult blocks.
3. Sudoku: Can remove blocks in small 3x3 tiles.
4. Falling: Like a jigsaw puzzle, every time you remove a line, all the blocks will fall down.
5. Blast: Each time you put shapes in the grid, the timer will decrease by 1, remove the timer before it reaches 0.
and more, new ideas will be added to the game later.

Game features:
- Game is completely offline, works 100% without wifi connection.
- The image of the block is selectable from more than 20 sets of available images.
- You can choose a set of game theme that suit your taste.

This game seems simple but it can be an addictive puzzle game.
The better you play, the harder it is to play.