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Animal Chess
The game is played on a 7×9 board and is popular with children.

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Age : Family Friendly)

The Jungle game board represents a jungle terrain with dens, traps "set" around dens, and rivers. Each player controls eight game pieces representing different animals of various rank. Stronger-ranked animals can capture ("eat") animals of weaker or equal rank. The player who is first to maneuver any one of their pieces into the opponent's den wins the game. An alternative way to win is to capture all the opponent's pieces.

- Each team has 8 pieces, corresponding to 8 animals.
- Each species has different characteristics.
- You can eat the opponent's piece if your level is higher or equal to the opponent's piece, but in special cases, mice can eat elephants.
- Traps: each player has 3 traps on his field, when the opponent's piece falls into the trap, the opponent's chess level will temporarily be zero and any of his pieces can be eaten. The opponent's pieces are in the trap.
- Cave: In the opponent's cave, you will win. You can't enter your own cave.
- Lose/win: when all pieces are eaten.

Adjust some cases: to fit the reality.
- Jump across the river: chess pieces will not be blocked by another piece in the water, because in fact the water environment is lower than the shore, we have added an effect in the water environment to better see this problem.
- Leopard: can jump over the river, maximum of 2 cells

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